Manivest liquidation team specifically to Taiwan for the "service" project

This month 12 to 16, Hong Jie group director of professional services Ms. Sisi Kong, litigation support and consulting services director Mo Jun Liang Mr. and business development manager Zhu Xiaomei Ms. total went to Taiwan for five days business exchanges and visits. This trip is the highlight of manivest professional team specially flew from Hongkong to Taiwan, visit the "watch TV" to provide service for customer protection project office.

15 pm, Wang Jie's professional team to visit Taiwan, "transit TV station" for the office of the office to provide special services. "Want when Mr. Tsai, President of the media group, also is the presence and Hongjie team questions related laws and regulations knowledge, Hongjie professional team present one by one clear answer.

Also in the five-day trip, Hongjie team were visited six and Hongjie deep cooperation foundation of business partners and customers support, including Chengzi united accounting firm, Ann when Jianye United accountancy firm, Ann is a law firm, and so on. Dinner, they are subject to Taiwan customer care are highly valued, have won the general manager, finance long personally met, Rang Hongjie in January ahead of the 30th anniversary of the beginning in the region lay a more consolidated and close business relationship, actually Hongjie future vision.

More worth mentioning is that Hongjie litigation support and Advisory Services Department Mo Junliang Mr. more lecture three seminars, entitled "end of the company's two main approaches. In the exchange, Mr. Mo to the presence of the professional and detailed knowledge of the latest regulations about the liquidation of the company, the scene is lively.

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