Seychelles Islands are strategically located in the Indian Ocean, between the east cost of Africa and India. This independent Republic is one of the progressive offshore centers in the world with competitive legislation, which makes incorporation relatively simple, whilst ensuring Investor confidence and privacy. Chinese, English and French names for memorandum and articles of association are allowed.

Law and type of company
The incorporation of International Business Companies in Seychelles is governed by International Business Companies Act, 1994 (IBC Act) All companies incorporated under the IBC Act is known as "International Business Company". (IBC)

Name of company
Any internationally recognized ending, i.e. Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Societe Anonyme, etc., or the accepted abbreviation. Chinese is allowed to form a part of the company name.

Capital requirements and shareholders
There is no minimum capital requirement. The standard authorized share capital is US$100,000 divided into 100,000 shares of US$1 each. There is no obligation to pay up share capital. The share capital may be presented in any currency. Minimum one shareholder is required. No disclosure is made to the Registrar and nominee shareholder is also allowed. Bearer shares are permitted in certain circumstances.

Minimum one director is required. He may be a body corporate or an individual of any nationality. There is no requirement to file particulars of directors or officers with the Registrar. Nominee directors are allowed.

Company secretary
There is no statutory requirement for the appointment of a company secretary.

Registered office
Each IBC must have a local registered office in Seychelles.

General meeting and annual return
General Meeting is not required to be in Seychelles. It may be conducted telephonically. Annual return is not required.

Taxation and filing of accounts
An IBC is not taxed in Seychelles on its worldwide profits. Filing of accounts is not required.

One day incorporation and readymade companies are available.

An IBC may not trade in Seychelles. However, it may own or manage a vessel or aircraft registered in Seychelles, and hold meetings in Seychelles. There is no exchange controls on Seychelles and the Seychelles legislation guarantees total confidentiality. Seychelles legislation permits migration of companies registered in other jurisdictions into Seychelles, and similarly an IBC may relocate out of Seychelles.

How Manivest Can Help You
The directors and management of Manivest are professionals in the offshore industry having served the Asia markets for nearly 20 years. Through our offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau as well as our associates in other Asia cities, we offer a full range of comprehensive value-added services to professional advisors and their clients.

Manivest offers the following services:
  • Incorporation of Seychelles company
  • Incorporation of offshore /onshore companies and structures in other jurisdictions
  • Full corporate management services
  • Registered office, business office, mail redirection and business centre (available in selected locations only)
  • Accounting services
  • Re-invoicing services
  • Asset protection and preservation advisory services
  • Business establishment services
  • Market exploration services
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