When choosing among different forms of business entities, it should be noted that not all types of entities is available for all kinds of industry. The formation, organization, management of most of these entities are governed their respective laws and regulations, which are special laws relating to the particular form of business entities in question.

China’s new PRC Company Law takes effect from 1 January 2006. The new law brings many changes to the previous Company Law and is aimed at delivering commercial and governance improvements and encourages the corporate to be operated and administrated independently. This is important that for all foreign investors who are planning to invest in China.

For more information, please refer to the followings:
  • Business Entities in China
  • Taxation in China
  • Setting up a Representative Office
  • Setting up a Joint Venture
  • Setting up a WOFE
  • Post Establishment Services of WOFE
  • Dissolution of a WOFE

  • The principal forms of business entities available to foreign investors are:
  • Foreign Investment Enterprises
    • Equity Joint Ventures (EJV) – a partnership Chinese and Foreign Investors, whose benefits and liabilities are determined by contribution of equity.
    • Cooperative Joint Ventures (CJV) – a limited liabilities partnership of Chinese and Foreign Investors.
    • Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFE) – a limited liabilities company which is wholly owned by foreign investors.
  • Foreign Enterprises
    • Representative Office (RO)
  • Through our office and network in China, we can help you to set up and maintain all kinds of business structures in China. With over 20 years of experience, our partners and managers are well versed in providing setting up services, corporate services and tax services for new comers, foreign investors as well as established enterprises in China.

    See our Directors’ experienced background in China: Mr. Horace Ho

    Some recently completed significant project in mainland China: Xinjiang

  • Setting up PRC Sino-foreign equity joint venture enterprises, Sino-foreign cooperative joint venture enterprises, wholly foreign owned enterprises, trading companies, representative offices for foreign enterprises.
  • Setting up of processing trade factories in Mainland China
  • Setting up domestic company in China for Hong Kong citizens
  • Providing Consultation services on:
    • on post-incorporation compliance with requirements for accounting, taxation, customs, foreign exchange control and company corporate compliance
    • PRC laws and regulations relating to tax, accounting, customs, foreign exchange, company, labour and social security
    • Various entry modes of foreign investors into the PRC market within the framework of WTO and CEPA
    • Assisting clients in obtaining licenses for environmental compliance, customs record filing, commodity inspection and quarantine for imported capital equipment, assisting in shipping and logistic services and customs clearance
  • We provide both tax consultation and agent services:
  • Providing update information on PRC tax laws, administrative regulations and rules including corporate income tax, VAT, business Tax and consumption tax, city property tax, deed tax and stamp tax
  • Providing consultation on issues relating to taxation, foreign exchange, accounting, use, issue and custody of tax invoices
  • Providing consultation on the avoidance of double taxation on income under the PRC tax treaty framework including application for certificate of residency
  • Providing services relating to application for granting of tax incentive, income tax, turnover tax, tax declarations and filing for PRC corporations, and application for temporary tax registrations for non-resident foreign investors
  • Tax declaration and filing for PRC individual income tax for foreign nationals and residents of Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Providing assistance in application for recognition of general VAT taxpayer and certificate for export rebates
  • Providing assistance in initiating administrative appeals and/or litigations for tax related cases

  • Manivest can help the investors to:
  • Prepare pre-establishment documents (minutes, power of attorney etc.), arrange translation, notarization and certification from various authorities
  • Engage Registration Agent and supervise the registration work
  • Draft the necessary project proposal, feasibility study report
  • Engage auditors for the examination of capital injection and annual examination
  • Locate suitable business address and arrange for leasing
  • Set up office, including arranging telephone, fax and broadband, acquisition of office machine and furniture
  • Employ local staff and complete formalities in accordance with labour laws
  • Arrange Post-establishment registration work
  • Open bank account

    Through our offices and staff in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Manivest shall follow through the establishment process and save investors time and trouble.

  • How Manivest Asia Can Help You
    The directors and management of Manivest Asia are professionals in the offshore industry having served the Asia market for over fifteen years. Through our offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau as well as our associates in other Asia cities, we offer a full range of comprehensive value-added services to professional advisors and their clients.

    Manivest Asia offers the following services
  • Formation of corporate and business structures in Shanghai
  • Incorporation of companies/structures in other onshore/offshore jurisdictions
  • Full corporate management services
  • Registered office, business office, mail redirection and business centre (available in selected locations only)
  • Accounting and re-invoicing services
  • Tax and asset planning services
  • Asset protection and preservation advisory services
  • Business establishment services
  • Market exploration services
  • Professional BPO Service in Shanghai
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